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Fringe - Das schräge Festival


Weird, funny, crazy and adventurous - FRiNGE Recklinghausen creates innovative theatre; artistic invasion of public spaces and offers new perceptions to the audience.
Since the introduction of the Off-Festival at the Ruhrfestspiele in 2005, Recklinghausen became THE ONE German place for FRiNGE. Remarkable artists from all over the world and  of different genres, presented their shows here.

The FRiNGE Festival offers an inspirational environment for artists and creatives and their fascinating productions.

For the 14th FRiNGE festival in May/June 2018 interested artists have the opportunity to apply.

We are looking forward to applications from independent theatres, groups and individual artists of various genres. There’s just one limit for off-theatre: production-requirements need to be as simple as possible.


We provide suitable venues, including free basic equipment and bear the expenses for travel and accommodation. We offer you a 50% pay-out of your box office receipts as a fee for the performances.

Deadline: 30th of September 2017


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